Readings and the Liturgy


Dramatic readings are not an add-on inserted to enliven the regular worship of a congregation. They need to be thoughtfully integrated into the flow and dynamic whole of the service.

Readings should not stand out or disrupt the flow of the worship. They are part of God speaking to his people in the dialogue that is the liturgy.

A well-constructed worship service will take the main theme and weave it throughout the various elements of the the service to engender an overall impact that is cohesive. The theme is most often taken from Scripture. It is the source from which the rest of the service flows.

Dramatic readings serve best to enhance and enrich the hearing and reception of Scripture in the liturgy, wherever that takes place. Quite often it is used as an expansion or amplification of the "Reading of the Word" that takes place before the sermon. (If the readings are taken from the Lectionary, the dramatic reading can thematically link together the Old Testament, Psalms and New Testament passages.)

Dramatic readings also serve admirably in other parts of the liturgy: